This site is about the Landseer E.C.T. in general and particulary about our Landseers

The Landseer European Continental Type is a rather small breed in numbers in The Netherlands. Larger numbers you will see in Germany.

From Seaside Quay litter born 20 january 2012

Becarefull to start to have a Landseer as a pet! Wooden stairs will be eaten as sandwiches, Your car (at least a huge one!) should not be your pride and joy. Wearing a tux and a dress is past tense and beware of the fact that a Landseer allways is near you, even when you don't want him too. It is not a breed just because it is looking so lovely. think of all the hair and even dirt, when they have been around in the woods or even your sophisticated garden.

Our landseers: Charlie van Hollandseer and Cebastian von Heidenberg
Our "guys" Charlie & Cebastian (on the picture 15 months and 10 weeks old)

Why for heaven's sake a Landseer? Because of their character!! Loyal, devoted, intelligent, good guard and a buddy. 2005-2020